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Made >> marketdesign.biz is a virtual assistant that provides the micro, small and medium enterprises with access to over 500 reliable markets and finance, combined with a unique formula for personal development of the entrepreneur, and organizational development of the enterprise so that s/he is investment ready with feasible products for local and international trade. Made saves time and money for the entrepreneur. Features which offer this value include: access to over 500 large buyers or off-takers of local commodities, access to regulatory services from national & regional authorities, access to personal talent development and business profiling from ABlepursuit, as well as, access to finance from willing investors.

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There is high demand for African products from all over the world, some of which are openly available locally and internationally, while others are as a result of mutual trade agreements which our national governments make with specific countries from the other continents.

We have learnt that 7 in every 10 African MSMEs need access to reliable markets, organization profiling & finance.

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Made >> marketdesign.biz is a virtual assistant, powered by people for the people. African producers can access large buyers or off-takers of their local commodities, access regulatory services from national & regional authorities, access personal talent and organizational development from ABlepursuit, access finance from willing investors, and access other service providers.

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Made >> marketdesign.biz is the world’s only virtual assistant with markets, profiling and finance for African MSMEs.

The infographic below highlights the steps which this virtual assistant would help you navigate for selling in Africa or exporting products.

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