There is high demand for African products from all over the world, some of which are openly available locally and internationally, while others are as a result of mutual trade agreements which our national governments make with specific countries from the other continents.

We have learnt that 7 in every 10 African MSMEs need access to reliable markets, organization profiling & finance.

Some African youth in business highlighted their challenges, as in the survey outcome published in May 2019 by Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the Youth Solutions Report 2019 [Ref: Figure 8] shows that:
34% express difficulty in access to finance or de-risking like grants, equity and hybrid investments.
33% express difficulty in access to markets and business/organization profiling.

25% show the need for expert advice/technical training and incubation.
Only 8% show the need for skills training and capacity building.

From the survey outcome published in January 2020, by Youth in Business Africa and UNCTAD Youth Action Hub, among 110 participants. The Youth in Business Africa Trade Facilitation Report [Ref: Question 8] shows that:
41% identify finance as the most critical gap.
37% express difficulty in accessing markets.
While 22% need support on administration, human resource, legal, and sales altogether.