34 Pendants, Lamps + Wall Lights To Set The Mood

When it comes to styling a home, lighting has arguably the biggest impact on a space’s atmosphere, mood, and overall look.

Nothing kills the warm, cosy vibe of a living room more than harsh downlights, or dated pendants over even the most romantic kitchen and dining settings.

To help you find the right lighting, we’ve put together this shopping guide to our favourite wall lights, floor lamps, table lights and pendants from our TDF Design Directory.

Christina Karras

Akari UF3-Q Floor lamp. Hali Rugs rug. Stitch work by Madison Wilday of IndorMonde sofa. Photography by Eve Wilson. Editorial Styling by Annie Portelli for The Design Files

A corner of the back lounge room. Jardan couch and coffee table. Cane 9602 lamp by Gubi from In Good Company. Artwork by Michael Muir (‘purchased as a housewarming gift to ourselves, which in hindsight we definitely couldn’t afford, but you only live once!’ says Lauren). Sculpture on coffee table by Edit E. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Gubi Patcha Lounge Chair. Akari lamp. Clae Studio ceramic. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Editorial styling – Annie Portelli and Sarah Hendriks

Floor lamps

Have you seen the viral TikTok explaining how the most important rule for any household’s ambience is to ‘never, ever use the big light’?

The ‘big light’ has become shorthand for any harsh, overhead lighting, and the trending sound inspired thousands of others to share the lamps and lighting collections they use instead of turning on the (often offensive) main lighting — with many highlighting the importance of a good floor lamp!

One of our favourite (and the most popular) kinds of floor lamps are the Japanese paper lanterns made famous by Isamu Noguchi, like the Akari UF3-Q from In Good Company. It casts a warm glow over any space and looks especially dreamy in bedrooms, or living rooms where natural materials like timber take centre stage.

Table lights

If you ask us, you can never have too many table lights. Both functional and decorative, these kinds of smaller lights are perfect for styling.

Take the &Tradition Pivot Portable Lamp – ATD7 from Cult for example. This portable piece is cordless so it can be easily added to your favourite bookshelf, or brought down for a centrepiece at a dinner party. Crafted from colourful powder-coated iron and mirror-polished steel, the Pivot reflects natural light — so it looks just as magic in the day as it does at night.

For a bedside table, we love the Asola Table Lamp from DOMO. The mushroom-like shape references iconic designs of the ’70s and ’80s, with a more modern edge, as light filters beautifully through the unique perforated steel.

The “Grown Up Room” in Lauren Egans home gets beautiful light in the afternoon. Paper lantern from Hay and Flos Parentesi lamp in corner. All furniture is vintage, including Cassina Maralunga couch, 1970s IKEA canvas, douglas fir chairs and chrome Alanda style coffee table. Rug from Halcyon Lake. Artwork by Rennie Ellis. Linen curtains from Soft Studio. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Photo courtesy of Lights Lights Lights featuring the Coral Duo Dome Light

Dining table from Sasha Gattermayr’s home bought Facebook Marketplace. Moon jar from House Editions. Painting by Mia Boe. Vintage chairs from Nord Modern. Pendant light from CULT. Custom banquette cushions created using Clark Rubber’s made-to-order cushion service and upholstered with Warwick Fabrics. Cushion from Citta Design. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli


The home of Photographer Eve Wilson featuring The Jolly Lighting Double Rod Pendant from CULT. Dining table designed by Studio Moore and made by Made by Morgen. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Editorial styling – Annie Portelli and Sarah Hendriks


Pendants are a great way to light up a whole room with the flick of a switch. Whether you’re looking for a sculptural metal shade, a lantern, or a chic glass style, these larger lights are designed to make a statement.

The Dunlin Etna Pendant Light, made from rattan with a striking droplet shape, is an eye-catching example, complete with a handmade rattan ceiling rose. Use it to tie together the mix of materials of an earthy, eclectic interior palette, or to inject warmth and texture into a more pared-back space.

Photographer Eve Wilsons’s living room featuring Nemo Lampe De Marseille sculptural wall light. Jardan Milo sofa. &Tradition Flowerpot V9 lamp. Clae Studio ceramic. Steel trims in Dulux Cuddlepot Half. Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files. Editorial styling – Annie Portelli and Sarah Hendriks

Wall lights

We love wall lights for their simplicity and timeless nature. The thoughtful addition of a wall sconce in a bathroom or a particularly dark corner of a kitchen can make a world of difference, especially in smaller spaces.

The Lampe Gras N°222 Light from Lights Lights Lights is a classic piece, featuring a minimalistic steel form that was first designed in 1921 by Bernard-Albin Gras — and it still holds up today! Take your pick from the range of colours and set it above a desk in an office, or install its angled arm over your favourite lounge chair so you can curl up with a good book, and read long into the night.

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